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Kesari movie review and collection

Kesari movie review

Hello friends once again welcome all of you in today's post we are talking about Akshay Kumar's film "Kesari" about the full box office report on the first day, then let's see.

Kesari movie review, Kesari movie download in hd
Kesari movie review

How to download Kesari movie

So friends all of you know that on March 21 "Kesari" has knocked the movie into theaters. The film is going on for the first day in theaters today. As soon as "Kesari" is released in the theaters, the color has started to grow among the audience.

This movie is seen very enthusiastic in the audience. Akshay Kumar's film is considered to be the biggest movie of his career. Although Akshay Kumar removes 4 films in one year, one or two of them are based on the patriot. In 2019, Akshay Kumar's first film is based on patriotism.

Kesari movie download in hd

In the Akshay Kumar film, Jaanbah is playing the character of Havildar Ishwar Singh and Parineeti Chopra has played a small role in this film, with the love of Havildar Ihsar Singh, and in this film Mir Mirza, Dhaar Bhardwaj, Jaspreet Singh, Vivek Saini and Vikram Kochhar played a key role. Playing the rolls.

Kesari movie collection

In the film, the story of Fateh of 21 Sikhs has been shown to 10000 Afghans. When this battle started on September 12, 1897, the bravery of the 21 warriors on 10,000 Afghans was aroused by everyone.

This film "Kesari" is the second in the top five war zones in the world. Today's morning show of the film has been completed, and this movie got 50% to 55% occupancy in the morning show, which is considered to be a very good start for "Kesari" film.

Let me tell you, film critic Taran Adarsh ​​has seen this movie, out of 5, gave the film 4 stars, after watching the movie Taran Adarsh ​​felicitated Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar plays the character of Hav Isher Singh in this film, in which he is wearing long beard and 5 kg turban. Akshay Kumar's dialogues in the film and his acting are very fancy to see.

Kesari movie day 1 collection

Talking about the box office report of "Kesari" movie, according to which the film's occupancy is being seen, the night show can increase the occupancy even more, so, according to the Occupience, the movie reviewer Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) tweeted that "Kesari" can do a business of 12 crores, while Ormax tweeted that the film can do a business of 21 crores and tell super cinema Embed the film on the first day can collection of Rs 30 crore 28.

Friends, all this was a tweet box office publication of movie reviewers but let us know, seeing Akshay Kumar's stardom, it seems that on the Holi, "Kesari" movie can make gross collection of 24 crores according to the report.

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