Friday, February 15, 2019

Bollywood actors Pulwama attack

Anger of Bollywood stars thrown at the Pulwama terror attack, know who said

In a tragic attack on Thursday in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir, a CRPF convoy blew the bus involved in a car bomb, in which more than 40 jawans were killed. With this incident, bloodshed like Bollywood people with people all over the country has been lost. Film stars condemned the incident and gave their reactions to it.

Salman Khan tweeted on this tragic event: 'My heart is crying for our beloved soldiers and their families, who sacrificed their lives for the protection of our families'

Ajay Devgan has written, horrible and disgusting. Anger can not be described in words.

Akshay Kumar has tweeted that "I am extremely sad for the soldiers who were killed in the terrorist attack in Pulwama, God bless the souls of our martyrs, give peace to their families in this tragic clock, hope that The injured jawans will recover quickly, but this attack will not be allowed to go such.

Uri star Vicky Kaushal wrote, "I am sad and shocked to know about the terrorist attack, my heart is filled with the courage of the brave martyrs of the CRPF who are injured, they are soon recovering.

Sunil Shetty wrote that I am very sad about this incident. The country has lost 36 Bahadur jawans. We do not have to give up his martyrdom. Tribute to the martyrs and pray for their families.

Karan Johar wrote, my deep thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Pulwama attacks and their families.

Anushka Sharma wrote, "It is very painful to read about the attack on our brave CRPF soldiers in Pulwama, my deep condolences to the families and loved ones of our martyrs.

Abhishek Bachchan has written on social media that today when we are celebrating the day of love, hate has raised its head which is very disgusting. Bow down to the martyrs

R Madhavan has written that only condemning those who are celebrating it after this disgusting work is not enough. Erase their faces and smiles. Take revenge

Ritesh Deshmukh has written that the cowardly acted again. It is very tragic. Also, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar also described this incident as a disgusting and sad fact in Pulwama.

Rishi Kapoor wrote that shameful shocking ridicule, cowardly acts, criminals of this heinous crime can not be friends with the people of Kashmir, we are standing with the weaker families of the martyrs.

Gul Panag has written that, people who are also responsible for this incident need to find them, and after that their response should also be given.

Priyanka Chopra has condemned the attack on Indian soldiers, she tweeted, "I am shocked to hear about the Pulwama attack, hatred is never answered, the families of injured and martyr jawans will get strength."

Swara Bhaskar has described it as an embarrassment and a shocking incident and said that these demons have neither the soul nor the humanity in them.

Actor Varun Dhawan has also tweeted and expressed anger over this incident and expressed his resentment.

Dalby Boy Fame Actor Ranvir Singh said, "I am frustrated with the cowardly terror attack on the soldiers in Pulwama. My condolences, grieving, anger towards the families of our brave soldiers

Apart from all these actors, most of Bollywood's stars have expressed grief and fury. By reading the tweets of all these stars, it can be estimated that everyone is hurt by this tragic event.

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