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The 4 batsmen of cricket history who are not scared by any bowler.

The 4 batsmen of cricket history who are not scared by any bowler.

Hello friends welcome you all Today we are going to talk about four such explosive batters in the cricket world who are frightened to bat and are not afraid of any bowler or they are afraid of losing their wickets. Let's know about these four aggressive batsmen.

4. Mohammad Shehzad

Afghanistan's explosive batsman Mohammad Shahzad arrives at the fourth place in the list. Let us tell you that Shahzad recently made a half century in 12 balls in the T10 league. Shehzad played a brutal innings of 74 runs on just 16 balls. Earlier, he has also played a batting batting against India. Shahzad is not afraid to play in front of any bowler.

3.Chris Gayle

West Indies explosive batsman Chris Gayle comes third in the list Explain that Gayle has made the fastest century in IPL history. He had scored a century in only 30 balls playing on RCB. He has often injured the audience with his skyscrapers. Chris Gayle does not shy away from playing any bowlers and puts his shot.

2. Shahid Afridi

In the list of intrepid batsmen, Pakistan's all-rounder ShahidAfridi  comes in second place on the list. Afridi often loses his wicket in the field of fast play. Let's say that Afridi's name was the record of making a century in 37 balls in ODI cricket. It was the fastest first century in ODI cricket played by Afridi. However, after many years the record has been broken.

Even in this age, they play many T20 league tournaments, but Afridi's playing style is still the same as it was before. Afridi is very fond of making sixes. He tries to put a six in front of any bowler in the world only when he comes.

1. Virender Sehwag

The 4  batsmen of cricket history who are not scared by any bowler.
The 4  batsmen of cricket history who are not scared by any bowler.
Virender Sehwag, the explosive batsman of the Indian team, comes to the forefront. Let's say that Sehwag has retired from cricket but he is considered to be the most aggressive batsman in the world. He starts playing fast since coming. Virender Sehwag's second double century in international one day cricket.

He made a double century against the West Indies in ODI cricket. Explain that VirenderSehwag had scored 219 runs in a one-day match on December 8, 2011. Sehwag was considered the most fearless batsman of international cricket. He has shot against the world's legendary bowlers.

Friends, who is your favorite cricketer in all these explosive batters, do not forget to post a comment thank you.

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