Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Who breaks Rohit Sharma's 264 Score

Who breaks Rohit Sharma's 264 score. 

Still now no one score 264 runs accept Rohit Sharma. It is very difficult to break 264 score by any batsman in odi cricket.

I think it's impossible to break this world record but everything is possible in cricket.

Rohit sharma's Double centuries.

264 is very huge score which created by luck because everybody knows that when Rohit Sharma played that innings against Sri Lankan team ,the fielder's of Sri Lankan team dropped many catches of Rohit Sharma, so with the help of Sri Lankan fielder's and his temperament (which very important when you play long innings) he will able to score 264 runs.

Accept 264 runs Rohit Sharma also scores 208* and 209 ,these are  double centuries which he scores still in his career.

Rohit Sharma only batsman in the world who scored 3 double centuries in ODI cricket.

This post is all about Rohit sharma's double centuries in ODI cricket.Here you also get information about other players who hits double centuries in ODI cricket.

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