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Importance of sports

        Importance of Sports

                "LIVE TO PLAY,
                "PLAY TO LIVE"

Well many people known that Games and Sports are an important and essential part of a person's life. Games and Sports are also important along with Studies. That why all schools and colleges organise Games competitions at different levels. Along with mental development of people Physical development also important.

Sports is a important part of Students life .

What is the importance of Games and Sports?
> Sports gives us a good Exercise or Fitness which makes us Physically and Mentally strong, increase our strength ,stamina. Regular Sports activities makes you active and fit as well as good health.

> Playing games makes aware you to our Environment , makes us mentally strong and increase our concentration.

> Various Games need good planning or strategies which improves our power of thinking,strategies teaches us team work and to find the way of difficulties.

> As known Games and Sports need a lots of energy, which makes us energetic.

>Games and Sports needs lots of corporation and understanding between players, it helps us to understand other people.

>In last all the Games and Sports had own rule and regulation , if you don't follow the rules you can't play the particular Game , which teach us the importance of yo follow rule and regulations.

Why Sports Facilities are Important?

Sports facilities are important because if we are to ensure that people have the opportunity to participate in Sports and physical activity they need equipment for there particular sports. If any one is good in particular game but he/she don't had facilities regarding to their sport then these people doesn't perform well and our country lose these star people .
It's the responsibility of Government to provides facilities to these peoples at particular levels.

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